Not re-payable, not comparable with any sacrifice and not even imaginable of its greatness. Of immense strength and full of animation. Fearless with super natural love.
It doesn’t care about death. It can overcome any obstacles and pain with smiling appearance.
Its unity and power of resistance, as it were, like a lead cast wall
It can’t be defeated by any attraction and power.
Homeless, no self-introspection, detached from kinsman, some times either fleeing or trampled.. but does never tripped, does never disappointed from the target.
Never think about food and sleep for one’s own.. think only the prosperity of the people and of state.
Kissing dust and sand of the territory with unlimited love and always stands as mountain-range against the enemy to save every inches of the land.
This is the most precious matter, which found into the heart of some citizen all along.
It is always covered with national flag, always elevating national flag and keeping dignity of national flag at any cost !
What an illusive inspiration and endless promise !
There is none, who can restraint you from your commitment to the independence of the country.
Love, regards and worship to you and presenting my-self to your battle !