The thirteenth letter “M” is the most powerful and highly valuable letter in English alphabets ! This letter makes many significant word, which are the actual controller as well as very influential things in our earth ! We can’t refuse, we can’t think and even we can’t pass a single moment without the words like, ‘Man’, “Mohammad (S.A)”, ‘Mind’, ‘Mokka’, ‘Modina’, ‘Mosque’, ‘Marriage,’ ‘Manage’, ‘Mary’, ‘Medical’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Muslim’, ‘ Milk’, ‘Miss’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Motion’, ‘Mineral’, ‘Meat’, ‘Market’, ‘Metal’, ‘Majority’, ‘Moon’, ‘Mother’, ‘Machine’, ‘Money’, ‘Male’, ‘Music’, ‘Matter’, ‘Mud’, ‘Molecules’ etc.
Examining the importance of all the above words, whose started with ‘M’… we should say this 13 (Thirteen) number letter of English alphabet is the most necessary, lucky and favorable for every human !!
Please don’t say thirteenth letter ‘M’ or 13 is an unlucky !!