Majestic Author

Commencement of his writing was, as it were, luster of fire to many sycophant and parasite writers and was a volcanic eruption to the so called intellectuals and to some Bengali litterateur, who were titled without worth !!
His arrival was gently, but talent was so profound that, all the Bengali speaking people was just. amazed after reading his writings !!
Actually there was a huge all round gap and Bengali literature was over thrown into a great void after shining concealment of Rabindranath Thakur, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Shorot Chandra chttropadday ! Though some writers was wandering in Bengali literature in absence of those renowned writers, but they were really insignificant, scattered and their writings was limited into a bounded area !!
After long time, when he entered into the literary world, with some of his extraordinary writings, Bengali literature was heavily shaken… ! Tense and ardour creates hopes into both learned and readers mind that, some one is going to spread out grains of gold in the Bengali literature ! …That was not speculation nor wordiness, which has manifested subsequently by this great literary scholar !!
What an all through wonderful composition ! Human, their pleasure and pain, smiles and tears, happiness and sorrows, classical social life and fun, bloomed one after another by his new, splendid and modern writings ! He became universally admitted to all Bengali readers by his beloved of all men compositions and succeed to knock into the heart of billions Bengali readers of the world !!
Adjacent the literature, he became the most successful Bengali Dramatist as well, all over the Bengali community of the world ! Moreover, his contribution in art of painting was everlasting !!
His unaccompanied literary works reanimated Bengali literature entirely once again and shower of its nectar enrich whole Bengali literature as well as Bengali Nation thoroughly !!
Great great Humayun Ahmed ! You are really the central gem in the field of modern Bengali literature !
You lost very unseasonably from this transitory earth, but your glorious act will be memorable long long time in the history of Bengali literature !
Why it seems (??) we did not honour you truly and we had much miserliness at the time of your eternal separation !!