Observe child, adolescent, middle age and old person of our Bangladesh ! What happened to them ??
Look at only their head and hair style !! It seems, they never wash their head and they sleeps keeping their head under pillows !! Rough and uncanny scene !
Whatever they think, but it is actually not comparable to any style nor refer to any grace. For hair style, millions of our country men shaping and cutting hair in various way, using jell-shampoo and what not !!
Does they know, whether it is better for their hair life or not ??
I am afraid that, if they continue these short of treatment, their hair will lost its quality very soon and they will be bald-headed within their middle age !!
What is the necessity of these type of torture to hair ? Is these are the symbol of modernization only ??
Mind it, nature never tolerate any unruly matters !!