Saying `YES’

`YES’ indication word or the word `YES’ should be restricted ! Definitely nowadays, `YES’ is creating more and more problem every where in human life ! Most of the time, we say `YES’ just to satisfy others and without knowing the future affects of saying `YES’ ! We even does not think about our capability whether it is possible or not, but we say `YES’ ! Whenever we say `YES’- we consciously or unconsciously involved ourselves into a shackle of promise ! Some times, happiness disappeared from our life for saying the word `YES’ !
It is very easy to say `YES’ in any purpose, but it is so much difficult to satisfy that `YES’s in the family, in office, in the society and at the stage of state matters, all the time !
Word `YES’ may mean, `positiveness’ but before saying `YES’, think… about capability, time and resources !