Hozrot Muhammad(S.A)

Almighty Allah sent him as the Consul-General of kindness and for spreading of great splendour of one only `Allah’ into human soul and to setting up truthfulness, peace, equality and devotion of justice in this world.
His greatness and generosity for human is only the example in the history.
He was the pioneer of truthfulness, Impartiality, integrity and steadiness.
His highly majestic character and all along helping suitability to the troublesome people makes him the most most renowned person all over the world.
He received from Almighty Allah and offered the heavenly holy-spiritual “AL-QURAN” to the people, which is an unimaginably stimulated matter of this earth and for mankind.
Angry person comes with sword to kill him, but brought back humbly, immediately after hearing his sweet saying and having excellent conduct.
History gives evidence that, he did never fight and did not intend to fight with any person or group before assaulted.
He deserved leadership by his noble mind and holy work, all through his life.
Under pressure situation was the constant companion is every steps of his life, but he faced and overcome those obstacles with deep faith and extreme confidence of Almighty Allah.
Which he mostly preferred and advices for people is – `To gain knowledge’ `Following honesty and appropriateness’ `Eradication of jealousy’ `To be enduring’ `Don’t oppress and don’t be oppressive’ `Keeping blood relationship’ `Be the most devoted to Almighty’ and `Not to impose religion to any one for any reason’.
His speeches are the most noble and imitable for each and every human.
He had every opportunity to enjoy of earthly goods, but he spend a very moderate and simple life.
He comes in this earth as a savior of mankind and he will be memorable for his full-fledged contribution as a social reformer, for magnificent characteristics and as the greatest conductor of bewildered people.
His speech on the occasion of “Hudjatul Bida” (Final Hadj) is the prime and most important declaration about human rights in all ages.
He must be memorable as long as a single wise and holy person exist in this world.
He is the greatest man, he is the versatile genius and declared as superior of all and last of all prophet of the world.

Hello Children !!

Do you know, the time you are passing, that is purchased with high price by your parents ! Remember it, your parents sacrificed their whole life for your peace and prosperity only ! …Never think, this time is yours !
You can’t spend this costly time unnecessarily and as you wish.